Squadra Tuning is een gerenommeerd en gerespecteerd chiptuningsbedrijf gespecialiseerd in het softwarematig tunen van auto’s uit de FCA groep. Door deze specialisatie zijn wij uitstekend op de hoogte van alle technische aspecten. Wij ontwikkelen de motormanagement software vanuit onze technische kennis, jaren lange ervaring en zijn realistisch over wat wel en niet mogelijk is qua koppel- en vermogenswinsten. Wij onderscheiden ons door kennis, kwaliteit en no-nonsense instelling. Ook onze persoonlijke aandacht voor de klant wordt zeer gewaardeerd.

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  • Squadrachip
    € 235 ,-
  • Montage (optioneel, verzenden is mogelijk)
    € 35 ,-

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Stephen Cox

You don\'t know me but my son bought me one of your chips for a Christmas present for my Alfa 75 Twinspark. I have only just managed to have it put in the car but it has made a noticeable difference.

The car is much more driveable now, it is also happier when cold and starts up a lot easier. It has a lot more in the midrange too. I live very close to some of the windiest roads in Australia and I notice that on a set of corners that I am familiar with I am now coming into corners quite a bit quicker than before. The top end is about the same but it is nicer and easier to drive.

Interestingly the car did not have the original chip in the ECU so whatever differences I am noticing is not the same as comparing your chip against an original Alfa chip. Other people who drove my car always said it went harder than a standard Alfa Twinspark and it is now certainly better again. I bought the car second hand so a previous owner must have put the other chip in, I\'m not sure what it is or who made it.

Anyway, I thought I should let you know how impressed I am both with your product and my son for getting it for me. It was a very good Christmas present! We are both very anxious to see what difference your chip will make to his Alfa 33 16V - I am sure he will let you know once he has it put in to his car.